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[Working] League of Legends Regeneration Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On Mittwoch, 21. März 2012 0 Kommentare

League of Legends Regen Hack V2.1
Ever had a ban lane partner? Or the lane you’re up against has just a ridiculous harass that makes you have to back out often? Well forget buying potions. We’ve got a better solution, The League of Legends Regen Hack. This is probably one of the strongest hacks that you can have at a player’s disposal. This is one of those hacks where you would think ”This is just too good to be true”. The best part is, it is extremely simple to use.
  1. First thing you do is start a League of Legends game.
  2. Next thing would be too press Alt+Tab and open up the League of Legends Regen Hack.
  3. Last step is specify the amount of hp/mana regen you want.
  4. Click activate, and that’s it !
PLEASE READ: However, you have to use your common sense while using the League of Legends Regen Hack. Unless there is a admin spectating your’ game, there is no way for riot to detect this. But if you are going to put your hp Regen to some extremely absurd number (lets say 300 like the picture you see above) you will easily be caught as a hacker by other players. This will for sure result in players rage-quitting the game and you will most likely receive a load of account reports. If your account receives to many account reports, then you account will get flagged. However, if you’re smart and use the League of Legends Regen Hack wisely, then you should have nothing to be concerned about. What I normally do is set my hp/mana regen to something around 20-30. Sure people will get frustrated with your lane sustainability but none of them are going to suspect or accuse you of being the hacker you are. Even if they do, you can always play it off and say you get the regeneration from your’ regen runes. ;D ! Are you ready to be in the ELO you deserve!?

UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

[Working] Leauge Of Legends Champion Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On 0 Kommentare

League Of Legends Champion Hack
So your’ team comp looks great, only thing that is missing is a good support champion like Sona. Your last pick, but the only champions you have are ad carries. What happens when your team comp gets unbalanced because of you not having a certain type of champion ? You lose.
However, this is where the League of Legends Champ Hack comes into place. With this hack you can unlock any champion you desire. So never again will you reach a situation where you can’t pick the right type of champion to help your team win.
Of course this hack has to update itself after each patch. This will usually take up to 5-10 minutes when you open the hack. While updating if anything is to happen and the update does not work, all you have to do is check back on this page for the notification on the manual update.

UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

[Working] League of Legends Skin Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On 0 Kommentare

League Of Legends Skin Hack V1.7

Ever wish you could have that new legendary skin that just came out, but you don’t feel like wasting money on a game? Then this is where the League of Legends Skin hack comes into place. League of Legends Skin Hack in my opinion is one of my favorite League of Legends hacks we have here. Why? Simply because it feels great starting a game with people complementing you on your skin, plus you feel like a bad ass when you aren’t only doing great but you’re also looking great. What this League Of Legend Skin Hack does is it unlocks every skin for the selected champion. The difference between the League of Legends Skin Hack and using Custom Skins is that everyone can see the skin, not just you, That’s the best part.

League of Legends Skin Hack
UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

[Working] League of Legends Map Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On 0 Kommentare

League of Legends Maphack V5.1
♦Tired of shitty team mates not calling MIA?
♦Sick of getting gank by bush campers?
♦You’re the only one buying wards?
♦Say goodbye to fog of war and buying wards!


Probably the most requested League of Legends cheats is what we call the maphack. The League of Legends Maphack enables you to see through the fog of war and analyze your opponents every move. In this version, you will also be able to see invisible units such as the champions (Shaco,Evelynn, Twitch, Akali, etc) as well as wards and Teemo mushrooms and Shacos annoying JitB. Now the League of Legends Maphack has a few unique features that can actually be toggled off and on.
  • F4: This Toggles the League of Legends Maphack on and off. You should hear a pinging sound that notifies you that the hack is enabled.
  • F3: This Toggles whether you want to remove the fog of war Entirely or just your mini map
  • F7: This Toggles “friendly warnings.” If this is to be enabled, you will automatically type in “mia” to let your teammates know if an enemy champion leaves 1500 distance from your champion and does not return within 5 seconds. Additionally, if there is an enemy champion that comes within 1500 distance of your champion, a warning flash will automatically appear on your screen just in case you weren’t paying attention to your mini map!

UPDATE :Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

[Working] Leauge Of Legends Speed Hack

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League Of Legends Speed Hack
Ever miss a kill simply because you weren’t fast enough to chase down that Udyr ? This is where the League of Legends Speed Hack comes into play. With the League Of Legends Speed Hack you’ll be able to set your speed to go 3x faster then normal. Tests with the League Of Legends Speed Hack have been done and the max you can make your champion go without you disconnecting is 876, which is still fast as hell. Now if you’re wondering what a League Of Legends Speed Hack could be used for, here are a couple ideas.
-You’d be practically ungankable
- This League Of Legends Speed Hack is especially useful for junglers, ganks are no problem and the enemy unit will most likely die, giving your team a kill.
-Running away when getting chased
-Catching up to a enemy champion that is running from you.
- Therefor, there are many controversial ways to use this hack, always useful to have this advantage.

- Warning: Like our league of legends regen hack, you need to use your common sense when activating this league of legends speed hack. If you set your speed to the limit and fly around everywhere obviously the enemy team will catch you as being a hacker and you most likely will get account reports. With to many account reports your’ account will get flagged. However if you use this wisely you should be fine.

UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

[Working] League Of Legends RP Hack + IP Hack

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League Of Legends RP Hack – League Of Legends IP Hack
Ever wanted to buy the new 6300 ip champion that just came out, but the only problem is you really don’t feel like spending money on the game and you don’t have enough IP ? By demand riot has been making new champion once every 2 weeks, along with bundles and new skins for older champions. Most of which we all know Cost Riot Point which is often abbreviated as RP. In order to have a better LoL experience, players are forced into buying Riot Points in order to purchase runes to improve their champion, buy skins, or level quickly. Not only that but some skins cost absurdly more than others. For what they call a ‘free” to play game, many players have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to have a fun time.
Now see this is complete bullshit. The fact that there are players who are more powerful than you because they have the money to waste on the game isn’t just unfair but also unethical. Fortunately however we here at League of Legends Cheats have found a way to balance out the fun. By using the League Of Legends Rp Hack that we have available here you can add RP to your account and you will finally be able to buy Champions, Exp/Ip boosts for runes, skins and even BUNDLES! Using the League of Legends Rp Hack isn’t necessarily hard to do. First thing would be you need to be logged onto the League of Legends Client. Not only on the game client but also on the website. If you aren’t logged on both at the same time this hack won’t work. Once you are logged on to both the site and the client, open up the RP hack. It takes a few minutes for the League Of Legends Rp Hack to load up, normally 2-5 minutes depending on how laggy the riot servers are. If nothing happens after 5 minutes re log onto your accounts and reopen the League Of Legends Rp Hack ( we all know Riot doesn’t have the best servers ). Once the League Of Legends RP Hack is synchronized and ready to go, to be honest all that your really going to need to do is type in your account name, and the amount of RP/IP you want! SIMPLE!


Warning: Use your common sense when using this League Of Legends Rp Hack. If you’re one of the idiots who are planning on trying to transfer a million rp to your account, don’t ever bother downloading the League Of Legends RP Hack, because you will get banned for being as smart as my pet goldfish. The safest thing to do would to add a few hundred RP at a time, nothing too big that could draw out attention to your account.
UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!


[Working] League of Legends Gold Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On 1 Kommentare

League Of Legends Gold Hack

Tired of having feeder for teammates? Always doing your part trying to save them but fall into
consequence and screwing yourself over? This where the League of Legends Gold Hack comes into play.
What this hack does is you set the amount of gold you start with and the amount per second you
wish to receive. It’s pretty simple to use. My favorite thing about this hack is during ranked
games, there always seem to be trolls, you know, people who don’t care about winning or losing and
just feed for the fun of watching others rage. Yeah those trolls wont matter if you win the game before
the other team gets fed.
However, you have to be smart when using this hack. If you start off buying
Infinity edges , Warmogs and other expensive items during the first few minutes of the game, then
obviously people are going to see you as a hacker, and you most likely will receive account reports.
If you receive too many account reports, your’ account will be flagged. If you use this hack wisely,
you should be fine.

Update: Working for the latest League Of Legends Patch!